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  • What does Shirleen's Event Management do?
    We are an event planning company since 2011 who provide couples services to assit them on their special day. We do this through hosting Indian Bridal Expos, we are the founders of the very first Indian Bridal Guide and we also have a list of preferred suppliers who we would recommend. With this we also sell products for the lovely couples to make their day a little more special.
  • What is the criteria to take part in the Indian Bridal Expo as a business?
    All businesses are welcome and there are no particular requirements that you must have. Registration is easy and all you need to do is complete form/payment to take part.
  • What is the Indian Bridal Guide all about?
    It is a guide to assist couples in their preparations for their wedding celebrations. This includes from choosing a date, venue, kinds of decorations, engagement preparations, all pre-wedding events, checklists to help cross check everything and advise throughout the guide.
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